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Two identical looking people who aren't.

Katy Perry and Zooey Daschnel. I can never remember which is which.

Dave and I once got talking about all those dopplegangers a while back.

Both of us keep seeing pairs of people who are sooooo similar. For years we’ve been seeing it. Repeatedly meeting people who look like an old teacher or customer or boss. And not just their facial structures, but often their voices, body language, personalities or even preferences in humor or mates are similar.


Two fellow Monties in 1987

People don’t just have types.

We ARE types.

The Greeks and Turks started a race war 1,000 years ago. Nobody can tell them apart anymore. Ten centuries of fucking and fighting have turned them into each other.


Joan and Roger from “Mad Men”

Perhaps skin color, race, really is all surface and changeable for dealing with sun and humidity, while features like pheremones, skeletons and minds are more stable. That might explain why sometimes those dopplegangers … are different races, or even different sexes!

Particular collections of those more stable traits might only produce so many combinations. Dave and I guessed 700.

He looks like Giovanni Ribisi or Macklemore. I’m a poor girl’s George Clooney.

People can only keep track of about I look like WHO?150 types of people in their Ka. If there are substantially more than 150, it would feel the same as 10,000 or a million or a billion types; way more than we can possibly deal with. 700 is about three times the maximum which is plenty enough to feel infinite.alex_katie

“Separated at birth celebrity lookalike” in Google will find dozens of examples that you may already be familiar with.

Then, just a few years ago, The Human Genome Project made a fascinating discovery; humanity went through a genetic bottleneck, about 70,000 years ago. Humans nearly died out, possibly because of the Toba Supervolcano.

Humans were reduced to about 700 breeding pairs, or 1400 Prototypes. Our theory is that colors come and go but muscle, bone and even some processing preferences are less plastic.

Our entire population has less genetic diversity than any 12 randomly selected oragatans.

We’re keepin’ the original name:

The 700 Prototype Theory








edificeThe Edifice And The Shack is a metaphor for the contrast between some proposed giant articulate system of philosophical or ethical principles, and the actual beliefs revealed in the actions and conclusions of the author.

The Edifice is the giant hulking philosophical legerdemain someone has proposed as the way everyone actually operates without exception or as the way everyone should operate from now on: The Answer to everyone’s philosophical conundrums and all questions of Good Social Policy.

The Shack describes the metaphor for the schlepped-together hedonistic or puritanical pragmatism which the author of The Edifice actually operates by, which we presume he erected behind The Edifice to avoid trashing the property values.

shackThis error is a brand of confusing our ideas with their objects, also known as the reification fallacy, and though Plato didn’t invent that mistake, he does get credit for making it seem respectable.

This error most often shows up lately as Sheeple Arguments (when someone starts by thinking EVERYONE ELSE is missing something) or what Thomas Sowell calls “The Mass Psychoanalysis Of Society” – when we imagine society is a creature, with ideas and desires and the ability to learn or teach, which we can understand and predict despite the way it’s actually comprised of millions of brains at least as complicated as our own.

There is a fix for people suffering this mistake…involving the placebo effect, just one of many faculties the Fatalist can’t really integrate.

hypochondriahospitalNewcomb’s Paradox explodes the theological nature of the Fatalist aka Naturalist aka Determinist, who we often see erecting such an edifice to protect their theological conclusions.

There is a wonderful puzzle that illustrates the difficulty.

Below is a common series of objections I’ve encountered when I present my “imagination invokes synergy” argument for free will.

Can you find a better one?

I think your questions are legitimate and deserve answers although I can only speak for myself. See below.

PS. Just so you know where I am coming from, I am an academic physicist.


Hi, Jim.

Thanks for taking the time. I’m also trained in physics (BS in Astrophysics), and since I now teach math and physics full time, I guess I qualify as an academic physicist, as well, so you and I are definitely on the same page.

> 1) Most general; how much mass does an attitude have?  An idea? A belief? An experience?
> IOW, how does the naturalist (which includes
> determinist) philosophy
> which seems to assumes that reality is made only of
> energy, cope with
> the demonstrated fact that much of reality has nosheeple
> mass, such as
> forces, angles, proportions, information, principles
> of operation,
> etc?

Answer: Angles, proportions, etc. have no mass because they are not physical objects – they are concepts.

That is 100% false – you’re pulling my leg about the nature of those realties, right?

Though we use concepts to think about such non-massive realities, they exist in their own right, separate from anyone actually thinking about them. Such mathematically-expressible relationships are 100% real, despite being massless, which is exactly why any cosmology which asserts that energy is all that exists is demonstrably false. Arrangement (which has no mass, since it does not exist as an object) is absolutely a feature of the physical universe, regardless of how we think about such arrangement.

They are not physical *objects*, but they are physically real, which is exactly my point; naturalism starts with oversight, since it fails to account for a number of non-massive yet completely demonstrable physical realities.

Do you think the angle between the sun and the moon in the Earth’s sky is a function of who’s looking or thinking about it?

You might be making the classic Platonist mistake of confusing your ideas for the things those ideas are for thinking about. Perhaps you  believe that you think *about* ideas, when in fact, ideas are what you think *with,* and you use them to think *about* your experiences. That ancient mistaken premise is the foundation of most of the errors found in philosophy which includes, among others, Locke, Hume, Kant, and Plato.

I assure you, portions of a rotation (angles) do physically exist regardless of whether or not you pay attention to them. Likewise proportional relationships, operational principles like gravity, frequencies of interaction, synergistic creative results, etc. Read More »

The Kludge That Won

It’s occurred repeatedly in our history. It’s occurred over and over during the evolution of life.

Evolution has dozens and dozens of examples of some structure evolving for one purpose, but then, once it’s there, being used for some other purpose. Quite often, the new ‘unintended’ purpose ends up being even more useful than the original. Because most biological structures have two or even three uses, such boot-strapping development is ubiquitous. And it doesn’t just occur on the level of our eyes and hands, it also occurs on a chemical level.

The development of new proteins is approximately the major function of biological evolution and again, as soon as one of those enzymes finds a new purpose, it will get used for biological advantage. And dual purposes can occur at the chemical as easily as the mechanical level.

But I want to describe some ideological kludges.

The major lesson is that nobody should ever be afraid to consider some crazy idea. Crumpling up a piece of paper to throw out the latest attempt is nearly free. And the more people with that attitude, the sooner we’ll see another one.

Black Swans” can arise from such Kludges quite easily.

Max Planck tried to fix his math problem with a kludge.kludge1

The problem was that everyone knew what kind of power spectrum is created by a hot body. It’s got a little bit of power in the high frequencies, most of the power in the mid range and a decent chunk on the low end. We KNOW what kinds of radiation is produced, and at what levels. The difficulty was predicting it.

Raylegh-Jeans could predict one end of that curve just fine, but the high frequency prediction was for an infinite amount of energy, which couldn’t be correct. Another formula could predict the other end. Between them, scientists could get by, but it was obviously a problem.

Planck decided it wasn’t Somebody Else’s Problem and set himself the task of getting both sides of that curve from a single formula. Read More »

Feminism is, in some regards, the triumph of the ‘cultural’ culture, AKA alpha-male culture.

Remarkably, it’s actually the nerds – the beta males – who are the ideological opposite of the feminists, because they represent Man’s intellectual and physical mastery over nature, plus they aren’t very cool or articulate ergo they get friend-zoned immediately.

Not coincidentally, denial of sexual favors is 1) something feminists relish and 2) what drove some aspects of evolution as betas moved on for lack of access to food and pussy, and thus had to learn to live in marginal habitats, instead. This favored a moral system based upon understanding the rules of nature and respect for the experiences3earth and thinking of the individual.

Then, once settled, those newly successful regions were encroached upon by the female-run beta male culture (because betas with money do get girls.) But one generation later, being ‘cool’ – knowing the rules of the culture, rather than nature – is what earns power, and usually that boils down to getting laid. Notice how seldom someone who gets laid regularly worries about being cool, and vice-versa.

Alpha-male culture is in fact female-dominated because it is they who ultimately choose the alpha(s), but the fact is, the alpha male culture can only *exist* with beta-male moral systems, because it was those systems which made Earth livable for humanity in the first place ( as opposed to some beaches and tropical islands where naked people can subsist on nuts, slugs and fruit without tools. ) Because there has never been a time in history when the alpha-male culture of the tribe / village / cities wasn’t surrounded by a ring of marginal-habitat beta-male humanity, it’s possible alpha can’t even exist without concurrent beta culture to support it.

To really see the stark clash in a confounding disguise, confront a feminist with the ultimate beta-male habitat-increasing principle-using resource-intensive nerd-pokes-girl endeavor; the colonization of space.

Feminists don’t know why, exactly, they hate it, but they surely do; bring it up in a positive light among a group of them and one of them will always get torqued off and immediately start floundering and raging.

It was very weird the first few times I saw the pattern. They usually come up with some nonsense about preserving the pristine state of a lifeless universe, as if crystals can be invaded or made extinct.

Also, did I drop a comma from the title?

Spencer said he’s a “Godologist.”kids_seats_logic

I said “Oh, yeah?”

To which he replied “Seriously, Dave, I’m trying to find out if God is real and when I tell my friends, they say I’m not supposed to use logic, and I say if God is real then he gave me the logic to use and if he isn’t, then he doesn’t care anyway.”

spock_tecnicalityHe was eight years old.

(…the same age Frederick Douglass figured out on his own that being a slave was total bullshit.)


When we go to unwrap an ice cream sandwich, we try to open it longways, to unwrap it in one pull, but then it always rips sideways, around the confection, despite all our attempts to guide the rip, so you have to try again, trying to pull the scruffy edge of that thin fragile paper away from the chocolate, only now you’re stuck digging around with your fingernail, damaging the surface and making you look like you’ve been poking around in your butt.

When you finally get hold of the paper … it rips the short way again, and you have to start all over again.

Meanwhile, when you go to tear off the toilet paper, it rips the long way and makes a giant useless stringy mess and you either have to just wad it up plus a whole bunch more or if you’re a folder, you have to just start over.

So some schmuck has us eating snacks wrapped in toilet paper and we’re using food packaging to wipe our asses.

The world is upside down.boatfall


The first time someone has a new experience, they have no real notion of it, no category by which to sort or compare those experiences, their brain simply remembers it.

The second time someone has a new experience, it is familiar because of the previous experience, but that’s it. It’s not sorted, just connected.

The third time someone has a specific experience, it’s not just familiar, but the feeling of familiarity … is also familiar. This is typically when someone actually constructs a category for associating all those similar experiences; a filter or list of criteria by which to sort specific experiences into that box.

The fourth time someone experiences something, or the first time after they’ve constructed a category, the experience confirms the category – the idea – and thus they can now, finally, actually think about it.

Four is clearly a minimum.

In my experience, they can’t have all four with the same person or it doesn’t work.realityMT

Men and dogs…

Women and cats…

will eat almost anything

play with their food

like rough play

prefer affection or just being held

prefer comfort to style

groom constantly

get louder when angry

communicate with hints and looks

get dirty a lot

must always look good

bang into things

feel pain when they break a nail

enjoy car rides

lay in the sun

fuck up and get over it

meant to do that

Let their friends push them around

are complete opportunists

have smelly and/or stupid friends

need their space

play with their genitals in public

torment weak adversaries

like bitches

are nosy

have no fashion sense

can’t catch a ball

are players 24 / 7

need their alone time

have no shame

look weird without hair


Now you’ve been warned:

I never believed those crazy UFO nuts ‘till just a couple weeks ago. I never thought something like this could be real.

It all started one late night as I was headed home after visiting some friends that lived across town. I apparently took a wrong turn, and soon didn’t know any of the landmarks around me. I was looking for a familiar area so I could find my way back, when suddenly this bright light snapped on and blinded me momentarily.isle

They must have come over to me while I was dazed, because next thing I knew they were carrying me onto this shiny vehicle with strange, flashing lights on it. I couldn’t understand them at all, and I don’t think they could understand me, even though they seemed to have a translating device. It would talk in their language at random times, and both of them would stop and listen, then look at me.

Their bodies were a lot larger than ours, and I think they breathed a different atmosphere than we do, because before they actually put me in their ship, they stuck this smelly tube in my face. But I think now it was so I could breathe in their atmosphere because there was this little machine with lots of lights on it attached to the tube. I figure it put some little doo-dad in my lungs or something.

They also had some kind of force field that separated us, probably to protect us from each others germs, but I could still smell them.

brainscannerThen we took off. After a short and bumpy ride, we evidently arrived at the mother ship, because there were a bunch of these pointy-headed aliens all over. I think they must have drugged me and done some kind of examination on me, cause I remember being stuck in the arm with a needle, and now I’m kind of sore in some bad places to be sore. And I think I had a seizure or something because my elbows and knees were all dinged up, and my face hurt a lot.

I’ve thought a lot about it, and I think I figured it out. The aliens test new drugs on people then just dump them somewhere for the cops to find, naked and confused, cause I woke up the next day in jail with bandages on me. The judge stiffed me, too. So not only did I get all bunged up with some stupid aliens, but I had to pay a $50 drunk and disorderly charge, and now they got me in some program where I don’t get to go outside by myself.

Aliens are such assholes.

The following is 100% true. I wish it weren’t

what_theMembers of the East Lansing Police force learned recently that they no longer had to rely on disorderly conduct charges to keep local residents from having fun. In a morning briefing early this week, it was revealed that East Lansing does in fact have an ordinance which prohibits Frisbee-playing in the streets. This reporter’s knowledge of the law is a direct result of illegal frisbee tossing (with intent) near the 500-block of M.A.C. Avenue.

At first, Rick* was warned to “get out of the street” by a passing officer. Knowing the propensity of the East Lansing police to be rather enthusiastic in their requests, if not their respect for the law, we decided that we should all stand on the sidewalks or patches of grass we call front lawns around here. Alas, that was not adequate, as we later learned, when ever-vigilant officer Joey* sped down M.A.C., parked in a ‘no parking from corner to here’ zone, turned on his lights, and apprehended Rick, who did not flee the scene.

rick_local_cop_mikeDuring the discussion, while Rick was being ‘run‘ by the computer, the officer pointed out that he had warned us, and that he thought it was very big of him, since he could have busted us right off the bat. He said we should speak to P.A.C.E. (Parking and Community Enforcement) about his parking, and told us the number of the ordinance disallowing frisbee-playing in the street (3.10a).

We had little time to talk, however, law enforcement requiring his total attention, except for parking or speeding, and ordered that we forfeit our right to watch him perform his duties in public, and watch he and Rick (who was put into the cruiser) from across the street. He said he would be happy to come over, once finished, and answer any questions I might have.

Though it was quite rude, and probably technically illegal, it did allow me an opportunity to abscond with the evidence (the frisbee), and to take some funny photographs of Mandy* flipping off the cop car.

mandyflipSeveral witnesses remarked on the fact that while Rick and the officer sat in the car (most likely discussing the dangers inherent in having any kinds of fun in East Lansing), a P.A.C.E enforcer drove up, stopped, spoke briefly to Officer Joey, and left. The cruiser remained in the ‘no-park’ zone. 20 minutes later, Rick was allowed to leave the vehicle, in possession of a brand new citation, charging him with violation of City Ordinance Number 3.10a.

It turns out that Officer Joey wouldn’t come over…I had to go back to the vehicle, and even so, he didn’t seem to be too happy about answering my questions. I learned that he had been with the force for about 1 year. Though he mentioned, again, that he had warned us, he didn’t seem to care that we had followed the letter of his instructions by getting out of the street. He claimed I should know better. I pointed out that even a relative rookie like himself should know how exacting laws, especially in East Lansing, can be with respect to wording and intent. He responded by claiming I had “an attitude” as evidenced by “uppity” questions and the fact that I was taking photos. I asked if he had a personal or professional problem with simple curiosity.

I did manage to learn that he had been briefed, along with most of his fellow officers, that very morning, about City Ordinance 3.10a, specifically. He further explained that ‘disorderly conduct’ was a valid charge against frisbee-use in the street, and that it covered everything from “spitting on the sidewalk to swearing in front of women and children.” I asked if it was also used, by himself or others, to intimidate or harrass people who were annoying or bothersome, but were otherwise acting in a perfectly legal and orderly fashion. It was at this point that he claimed that he had to “get going,” presumably to take care of some other highly important business.bloom_cig_police

Over the course of the subsequent week, I learned that this behavior with respect to frisbee playing was not unique. Several other local area residents had been challenged, or knew friends that had been cited, as well. Evidently, some crusader had done some research down at City Hall, and was endeavoring to put an end to this menace, which had plagued the city, doubtless since Frisbees had been invented. We can only hope that similar ordinances will be promulgated in the future, against football throwing, soccer ball kicking, or jump rope skipping, to prevent other dangerous ways of having fun in East Lansing. (Skateboarding is already illegal).

Each of the frisbee players had agreed to split the cost of Rick’s ticket, as it wasn’t right for one guy to cover the charge, when many had been tossing the disc. This turned out to be unnecessary, however. When Rick went to District Court 54-B to fight the charge, the District Attorney asked for a dismissal. He claimed “it would be an embarrassment to the city to continue its prosecution.” Thank goodness for the DAs alacrity, else more than just The City could have been embarrassed.

* Names have been changed to protect the guiltygrammar_police_officer