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Is the payoff worth it?

Will he be the ‘foreclosure’ President?

Quick grammar technicality:

“Flotsam” is the stuff you see floating away as the boat sinks.

“Jetsam” is the stuff the captain tossed overboard – like the GM bond-holders – hoping to keep it all afloat.

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25% is a funny number.

25% is the number of people who simply would not go along with the Asch Conformity experiment.

25% is close to the number of people who would not go along with the Milgram Authority experiment. We might speculate that the extra stress of the pain and suffering made more people than usual relent (35%).

25% is the proportion of expressed recessive traits in a two-allele gene.

The funny thing about recessive genes is that they cannot be simply bred out.

In a typical Punnet Square, the quarter of the population expressing the recessive trait can be prevented from breeding, and half the population still carries the recessive allele, so they can still interbreed and bring out the recessive traits.

Recessive traits cannot be bred out.

Perhaps more to the point: killing all the non-conformists hasn’t ever actually made the population conform. Perhaps it’s because non-conformity is recessive.


This is actually a really hard problem – it’s a really neat problem for students of calculus, but it’s hard, like 4 or 5 stars hard. This puzzle is also a real problem, meaning it actually saves someone some hassle or energy or time or money. As with many word problems, if you imagine yourself in the situation, or on the hook for the outcome, you might find it easier.

It was first encountered by Welches, the grape jelly manufacturer, while making their primary product, grape jelly.

Standard jelly- or jam-making means cooking fruit juice to drive off the water and make it more concentrated. But heating is expensive, so naturally people sought low-temperature ways, and the easy way is evaporation by moving more air, and exposing a larger surface to the air.

One easy way to get more jelly to dry out is to spin a wheel in it, so that the jelly is lifted out of the pan on the wheel, increasing the surface area exposed to the air.grape_wheel

If you only barely dip the edge in, only the circumference of the wheel gets wet, and only the edge really works to increase the surface area of the jelly exposed to air, although it is almost the entire edge – all but the tiny bit dipped, which is protected by the liquid.

If you dip the wheel half way, so that the axle itself is in the liquid, too, then half the wheel is under the surface of the liquid, which doesn’t expose anything to air, although then you do get the entire top half of the wheel wet, which means at least half is exposed to air.

Of course one obvious way to increase the wet exposed surface is to have lots of wheels, which of course they all do, now. But it’s still worthwhile to make each wheel maximally efficient.

If we set the wheel at exactly the right height, then we can maximize the amount of surface of the exposed, wet wheel.

So what is the proper distance of the axle above the surface of the liquid, to maximize the wet, exposed surface?

The standard way to answer is in terms of a fraction of a radius as the picture suggests.

Reversed Clichés are often more insightful than the original.

This is a predictable side-effect of living in a world with so many upside down moral systems operating.

With great responsibility comes great power.

Spiderman’s dad got that one wrong. It’s the taking of responsibility that convinces people to let you be in charge.

Most people are so afraid of making a mistake (even though they teach us so well) that they’ll often avoid having options at all. But having options is having power. Take the option to respond.

Women are God’s gift to me.

Too bad so few feel EITHER way!

Isn’t that the pot calling the leaf green?

This one takes a little while for most people to catch the first time.

If again you don’t succeed, first you’ve got to try.

This is easily the easiest problem for nearly anyone to solve. They say that just showing up puts you ahead of half the pack. Don’t be the back half.

When was the last time one of those saw you?

If you can see it, it can see you!

They know what you say…

…or DO they?

Who the hell IS “they” anyway? Pronouns often tell all.

Rage against the culture – at least machines stick to the rules.

If we didn’t care about the rules, why rage at all?

People thinking they know the solution is often half the problem.

Reverse the next cliche you come across. What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ll add more as they come to me – comment if you think of some you’d like to preserve.



“If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the road to Heaven is paved with bad ones.”

– Randall Pritchett, from here.

And have you seen some of the schmucks that claim redemption after doing some of the worst things to trash the world?

1) Yes

So much for “omnipotent” – who are you really praying to?

2) No

So all this talk about “sin” is delusional?

Questions with no good answer prove someone made a false assumption.

“Light” isn’t evidence for God. Neither is “physics” or “logic” or “existence.”

Such Pantheism as Spinoza proved is functionally atheism.

If “god” is just the rules of the universe…then it’s just another word for “universe.” Read More »


Then mistakes wouldn’t exist.

What, you never make mistakes?

Super: God himself dropped by my website.

…and got lost.

I have no idea.

If you think of something, please leave a comment.kliban_enlightenment

Mutts have been studiously and violently destroyed throughout history because they are destined to be the master race.

Those who worship race hate the mixed couples most of all. Once the Mutt-baby is born, they have to deal with it, honorably or not, but, if they can discourage the pairing before the fact…then the purebreds can more effectively prevent their own eventual waning

ship_sunsetAll races were originally formed by biological response to particular areas of our planet

Mutts were created first by adventurers, travelers, traders, and others that roamed the planet, when it was still hard to roam.Race has been one of the most important causes of war and violence, second possibly to only religion, and mutts, besides often being the offspring of war, are the worlds longest and most violently oppressed class.

It is because of these influences, in combination with Hybrid Vigor (AKA, heterosis) that has made the ‘race’ of Mutts the strongest and will one day make us the most prevalence race.

freqmapIt is through hybridization that all genes will ultimately be saved and expressed.