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Aristotle, the inventor of logic and science, considered “Petito Principii” to be the stupidest error.

This oversight, also known as “Asserting The Thesis,” “Begging The Question,” or sometimes “Circular Argument” is when someone merely repeats their conclusion or their claim, or restates it in a different way, but doesn’t actually support it by presenting facts that prove it, or making an argument that otherwise connects their idea to the rest of the world or the rest of our experience.

Occasionally, advanced near-students will resort to a never-ending chain of unsupported assertions, a slightly more complicated version of the same error.

If someone can’t even tell the difference between a conclusion about events and a fact or premise which might support that conclusion, then Aristotle considered them completely unfit to be even a student, let alone inform others.

Don’t be that poor guy stuck on Noob Island – support your claims!

(Or simply admit when you cannot, at least to yourself. You can’t stop sucking if you don’t own it when you do.)


Another way to put it: No, you aren’t entitled to your opinion!

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