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Because you’re the one talking about other people’s state of mind.

That’s how I know your state of mind is scattered: because you’re looking into your own mind for your conclusions … and finding someone else’s. There isn’t actually a way to observe emotions. You really aren’t Yoda.

Here’s the thing: if you’re wrong when you ‘conclude’ based on your desire to be right that someone else is mad or sad or whatever, who will detect your mistake first?  They are actually an authority upon themselves, and you probably aren’t a psychologist with a brain-wave reading device.


So how do I know it’s you projecting?

Because it’s you talking about emotions while having zero evidence and lots of motivation to make things up.

Of course the best part about this spell-form is that once you’ve projected, everyone knows about yours. If you get stuck lying to yourself about what’s happening, you’re the one sharing with the group full-time.

This is actually a really hard problem – it’s a really neat problem for students of calculus, but it’s hard, like 4 or 5 stars hard. This puzzle is also a real problem, meaning it actually saves someone some hassle or energy or time or money. As with many word problems, if you imagine yourself in the situation, or on the hook for the outcome, you might find it easier.

It was first encountered by Welches, the grape jelly manufacturer, while making their primary product, grape jelly.

Standard jelly- or jam-making means cooking fruit juice to drive off the water and make it more concentrated. But heating is expensive, so naturally people sought low-temperature ways, and the easy way is evaporation by moving more air, and exposing a larger surface to the air.

One easy way to get more jelly to dry out is to spin a wheel in it, so that the jelly is lifted out of the pan on the wheel, increasing the surface area exposed to the air.grape_wheel

If you only barely dip the edge in, only the circumference of the wheel gets wet, and only the edge really works to increase the surface area of the jelly exposed to air, although it is almost the entire edge – all but the tiny bit dipped, which is protected by the liquid.

If you dip the wheel half way, so that the axle itself is in the liquid, too, then half the wheel is under the surface of the liquid, which doesn’t expose anything to air, although then you do get the entire top half of the wheel wet, which means at least half is exposed to air.

Of course one obvious way to increase the wet exposed surface is to have lots of wheels, which of course they all do, now. But it’s still worthwhile to make each wheel maximally efficient.

If we set the wheel at exactly the right height, then we can maximize the amount of surface of the exposed, wet wheel.

So what is the proper distance of the axle above the surface of the liquid, to maximize the wet, exposed surface?

The standard way to answer is in terms of a fraction of a radius as the picture suggests.

Reversed Clichés are often more insightful than the original.

This is a predictable side-effect of living in a world with so many upside down moral systems operating.

With great responsibility comes great power.

Spiderman’s dad got that one wrong. It’s the taking of responsibility that convinces people to let you be in charge.

Most people are so afraid of making a mistake (even though they teach us so well) that they’ll often avoid having options at all. But having options is having power. Take the option to respond.

Women are God’s gift to me.

Too bad so few feel EITHER way!

Isn’t that the pot calling the leaf green?

This one takes a little while for most people to catch the first time.

If again you don’t succeed, first you’ve got to try.

This is easily the easiest problem for nearly anyone to solve. They say that just showing up puts you ahead of half the pack. Don’t be the back half.

When was the last time one of those saw you?

If you can see it, it can see you!

They know what you say…

…or DO they?

Who the hell IS “they” anyway? Pronouns often tell all.

Rage against the culture – at least machines stick to the rules.

If we didn’t care about the rules, why rage at all?

People thinking they know the solution is often half the problem.

Reverse the next cliche you come across. What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ll add more as they come to me – comment if you think of some you’d like to preserve.



“If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, the road to Heaven is paved with bad ones.”

– Randall Pritchett, from here.

And have you seen some of the schmucks that claim redemption after doing some of the worst things to trash the world?

1) Yes

So much for “omnipotent” – who are you really praying to?

2) No

So all this talk about “sin” is delusional?

Questions with no good answer prove someone made a false assumption.


Then mistakes wouldn’t exist.

What, you never make mistakes?

Super: God himself dropped by my website.

…and got lost.

I have no idea.

If you think of something, please leave a comment.kliban_enlightenment

The Kludge That Won

It’s occurred repeatedly in our history. It’s occurred over and over during the evolution of life.

Evolution has dozens and dozens of examples of some structure evolving for one purpose, but then, once it’s there, being used for some other purpose. Quite often, the new ‘unintended’ purpose ends up being even more useful than the original. Because most biological structures have two or even three uses, such boot-strapping development is ubiquitous. And it doesn’t just occur on the level of our eyes and hands, it also occurs on a chemical level.

The development of new proteins is approximately the major function of biological evolution and again, as soon as one of those enzymes finds a new purpose, it will get used for biological advantage. And dual purposes can occur at the chemical as easily as the mechanical level.

But I want to describe some ideological kludges.

The major lesson is that nobody should ever be afraid to consider some crazy idea. Crumpling up a piece of paper to throw out the latest attempt is nearly free. And the more people with that attitude, the sooner we’ll see another one.

Black Swans” can arise from such Kludges quite easily.

Max Planck tried to fix his math problem with a kludge.kludge1

The problem was that everyone knew what kind of power spectrum is created by a hot body. It’s got a little bit of power in the high frequencies, most of the power in the mid range and a decent chunk on the low end. We KNOW what kinds of radiation is produced, and at what levels. The difficulty was predicting it.

Raylegh-Jeans could predict one end of that curve just fine, but the high frequency prediction was for an infinite amount of energy, which couldn’t be correct. Another formula could predict the other end. Between them, scientists could get by, but it was obviously a problem.

Planck decided it wasn’t Somebody Else’s Problem and set himself the task of getting both sides of that curve from a single formula. Read More »

Feminism is, in some regards, the triumph of the ‘cultural’ culture, AKA alpha-male culture.

Remarkably, it’s actually the nerds – the beta males – who are the ideological opposite of the feminists, because they represent Man’s intellectual and physical mastery over nature, plus they aren’t very cool or articulate ergo they get friend-zoned immediately.

Not coincidentally, denial of sexual favors is 1) something feminists relish and 2) what drove some aspects of evolution as betas moved on for lack of access to food and pussy, and thus had to learn to live in marginal habitats, instead. This favored a moral system based upon understanding the rules of nature and respect for the experiences3earth and thinking of the individual.

Then, once settled, those newly successful regions were encroached upon by the female-run beta male culture (because betas with money do get girls.) But one generation later, being ‘cool’ – knowing the rules of the culture, rather than nature – is what earns power, and usually that boils down to getting laid. Notice how seldom someone who gets laid regularly worries about being cool, and vice-versa.

Alpha-male culture is in fact female-dominated because it is they who ultimately choose the alpha(s), but the fact is, the alpha male culture can only *exist* with beta-male moral systems, because it was those systems which made Earth livable for humanity in the first place ( as opposed to some beaches and tropical islands where naked people can subsist on nuts, slugs and fruit without tools. ) Because there has never been a time in history when the alpha-male culture of the tribe / village / cities wasn’t surrounded by a ring of marginal-habitat beta-male humanity, it’s possible alpha can’t even exist without concurrent beta culture to support it.

To really see the stark clash in a confounding disguise, confront a feminist with the ultimate beta-male habitat-increasing principle-using resource-intensive nerd-pokes-girl endeavor; the colonization of space.

Feminists don’t know why, exactly, they hate it, but they surely do; bring it up in a positive light among a group of them and one of them will always get torqued off and immediately start floundering and raging.

It was very weird the first few times I saw the pattern. They usually come up with some nonsense about preserving the pristine state of a lifeless universe, as if crystals can be invaded or made extinct.

Also, did I drop a comma from the title?

The first time someone has a new experience, they have no real notion of it, no category by which to sort or compare those experiences, their brain simply remembers it.

The second time someone has a new experience, it is familiar because of the previous experience, but that’s it. It’s not sorted, just connected.

The third time someone has a specific experience, it’s not just familiar, but the feeling of familiarity … is also familiar. This is typically when someone actually constructs a category for associating all those similar experiences; a filter or list of criteria by which to sort specific experiences into that box.

The fourth time someone experiences something, or the first time after they’ve constructed a category, the experience confirms the category – the idea – and thus they can now, finally, actually think about it.

Four is clearly a minimum.

In my experience, they can’t have all four with the same person or it doesn’t work.realityMT

Men and dogs…

Women and cats…

will eat almost anything

play with their food

like rough play

prefer affection or just being held

prefer comfort to style

groom constantly

get louder when angry

communicate with hints and looks

get dirty a lot

must always look good

bang into things

feel pain when they break a nail

enjoy car rides

lay in the sun

fuck up and get over it

meant to do that

Let their friends push them around

are complete opportunists

have smelly and/or stupid friends

need their space

play with their genitals in public

torment weak adversaries

like bitches

are nosy

have no fashion sense

can’t catch a ball

are players 24 / 7

need their alone time

have no shame

look weird without hair


Now you’ve been warned: